Research Proposal In Drugs and Substance Abuse


The research study intends to establish the relationship between drug abuse and robbery within Uthiru Area Kiambu County, Kanu streets Nakuru in Nakuru county and Langas community of Uasin-gishu county, Kenya. The study will describe the relationship between drug use and crime, explain the effects of substance abuse among youths, and describes causes of teen’s substance abuse and also primary prevention of substance abuse. Knowledge in this area of study would help the organization contribute to better contribution on policy development and be able to assist Government and partners  to develop drug-treatment and crime programs that would control and prevent drug use and also criminal activities within the society key issues in more precise and solve it. The research will use descriptive study method which involved a careful observation and classification of collected data or what one finds within a single case. The sample size will involve 100 respondents per cluster. The research will use questionnaires and interviews as data collection method when reaching the research target population. The researcher will use both quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods thus making use of graphical representation methods which are bar graphs and pre-charts. This methodology definitely will help in examining the research findings, and understand the contributions of the dependent variables to the independent variable in the study. We will use simple random sampling to obtain representative samples. The research will ensure confidentiality and anonymity of the subjects observed. This is done in the interest of respondents so as to avoid any harm that might put the lives and activities of subjects at risk. Our objectives in the study involved; investigating on the causes of teen’s substance abuse; determining the effects of substance abuse among youths; to identify the relationship of substance abuse in the spread of HIV/AIDS, Pregnancies and crime. And establish primary prevention of substance abuse as proposed by the respondents and the community.

Background information

Kenya is a traditional society where the young are expected to respect their elders. However, drug peddlers, with their power and wealth, have little problem ignoring cultural expectations (Lilly et al, 2000). Additionally, drug addicts have become beggars in some parts of the country and even steal to support their addiction. There is also the fact that drug abuse inhibits self control, thus resulting in risky sexual behavior for users which result to rapid spread of HIV by drug users.

Physiological effects of drug abuse vary by the type of drug. Stimulants, such as amphetamines, can delay sleep and elevate a person’s mood, but high amounts can cause nervousness and anxiety in the user. Depressants, by contrast, impair mental and physical functions, and slow neural activity in the brain. When an abuser stops taking the drug, the body experiences withdrawal symptoms, such as feeling weak or sick.

The social effects of drug abuse begin with abusers and their families. Substance abuse has been a factor in divorce, family violence and related problems such as rape and it extends into the larger society, as well, such as through crimes committed by drug abusers to get money needed to feed drug habits.

As an organization looking into the well being of society, Our focus is to generate advocacy evidence to help promote health intervention for youth who use drugs and link them to LVCT outreach and support systems and further enhance HIV prevention and response by promoting real time policy advocacy to combat the upsurge of new infections in HIV, drug abuse menace and other social ills in the country with a focus on impacts on key populations and women and girls. We are keen to utilize the research results to help build behavior change communications in the community affected use it in advocacy and inform county and national government on the state of affairs on service delivery and approaches to address drug abuse and its negative influence over efforts to address spread of HIV, STIs, suicides and in management of misuses of drugs.

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