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The current year’s celebration of World Health Day sparkles a focus on the favorable circumstances Universal Health Coverage (UHC) can convey to all individuals and in all spots and furthermore why it is required to such an extent. It is required on the grounds that it guarantees that everybody – …

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Research Proposal In Drugs and Substance Abuse

Introduction The research study intends to establish the relationship between drug abuse and robbery within Uthiru Area Kiambu County, Kanu streets Nakuru in Nakuru county and Langas community of Uasin-gishu county, Kenya. The study will describe the relationship between drug use and crime, explain the effects of substance abuse among …

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Health and Nutritional Status of the Elderly

Clearly, as we grow older, we eat less as our activity and physiologic regimes slowdown. Yet, we need more of certain nutrients, especially micro-nutrients as our immune status tends to be compromised and our cells degenerate much faster; in other words, we are not growing anymore. Those special micro-nutrients are …

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Let us fight cancer in Africa

World Cancer Day is marked on every February 4 to increase awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, early detection and treatment. Every year, the day is marked with a different theme and the theme for 2019 is: ‘I am and I will’. The estimated number of deaths due …

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