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Child Rights

Child Rights Programme

We recognizes that all children are vulnerable, but that some children are rendered more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, including children with physical and mental disabilities, homeless children, child sex workers and children impacted by disasters, orphaned or homeless.

Children have a right to survival, development, protection and participation as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, (UNCRC). Child Rights and Protection Policy is to:

We recognize that the interests of children, women and youth are best served when local communities mobilize local community capacity.

We are a dedicated to making life better for the orphaned, street and slum children. Through  street Concern Project we reach to the vulnerable and build their future.


  • Empower local leaders to share hope, reduce poverty, and create self-sufficiency for every child.
  • Equip partnering communities to directly engage as community in development practices.
  • Address the complex causes of poverty, including material, emotional, social, economic, and educational needs.
  • Tend to the child’s holistic needs for survival, community, education, and employment.
  • Transform the lives of children through a focus on sustainability, independence, and long-term self-sufficiency.
  • Transform the lives of the partnering community members through exposure, education, relationship, and service.
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