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The human rights impact of extractive industries

Point NO 1.Engagement of communities!

Point NO 2.Engagement of communities!

Point NO 3.Engagement of communities!



We seek for adequate engagement of communities affected by the extractive industry sector over Environmental Social Impact Assessment-ESIA ,Compensation , mobilization and utilization of domestic resources and how efficient and effective public finance management mechanisms through .strategies, institutions and accountability frameworks for public finance management, with a focus on extractive industries.

This will lead to:

  1. Improved understanding on operations of Extractive Industries by CSOs and citizens

  2. Improved transparency and accountability in the mobilization and utilization of finances from extractive industries.

  3. Improved efficiency and effectiveness in utilization of resources for poverty reduction

  4. Improved involvement of CSOs and other stakeholders at country level in monitoring operations of extractive industries

“The development of a country’s natural resources should be designed to secure the greatest social and economic benefit for its people. Extractive resources are public assets and decisions concerning their exploitation and use should be a matter for public debate. Resource governance is strengthened when those decisions are subject to well informed public scrutiny and when decision-makers are held to account.”

Large scale projects occur in communities and they undergo profound social and economic changes that are frequently not well understood, much less foreseen, by the authorities in charge of promoting them. The principal human rights effects of these projects for communities relate to loss of traditional territories  and  land,  eviction,  migration  and  eventual  resettlement,  depletion  of  resources  necessary  for physical  and  cultural  survival,  destruction  and  pollution  of  the  traditional  environment,  social  and community disorganization, long term negative health and nutritional impacts as well as, in some cases, harassment and violence.

It is under such circumstances that  we seek adequate involvement and consultation for common agreement by stakeholders and community having factored all measures to be considered on carrying out extraction businesses in a  community.  


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