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Transforming Lives

We support communities address problems through innovative solutions , empower local communities focus on  evidence-based interventions that address poverty and disease.

We focus on health care and economic development by strengthening the  institutional capacity of  civil society organizations  (CSOs) to  be more effective, efficient, results oriented, and sustainable;Strengthen networking and collaboration among CSOs and CBOs at national and devolved levels, Increase information-sharing and dialogue between citizens, state institutions, and CSOs/CBOs in the area of poverty reduction and development

Food and Security

Food secure people create stable community, perform better and able to take advantage of opportunities ending extreme poverty. Empowering communities therefore is our central focus ; creating self-sufficiency through access to food.


Access to Capital

We help communities and families improve income through training on financial topics, advocating for new business solutions and arranging for financial services and support



We  endeavor to end homelessness by advocating for adequate, safe and decent homes for every family through collaborations with government, ngo’s, foundations, businesses, charities and individual donations to promote creative financing solutions.

Water and Sanitation

We advocate for, and support of the delivery of clean water, sanitation and hygiene are key to enhancing the economic prospects of communities, by preventing the spread of diseases which drain individual and community effectiveness.



We stand for Universal Health Coverage and advocate for access to quality and affordable healthcare that catapult  the poor out of poverty. Mothers and children  require vaccines and affordable access to health care.

All people must be healthy to end poverty.

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