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Justine T.  Kurui

President & CEO
President and CEO is responsible for providing strategic leadership and vision for Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development (AAHRED), ensuring the organization’s continued ability to significantly impact the lives of people living with hunger, poverty and disease. He inspire and motivate internal and external audiences, demonstrating strong commitment to poverty reduction and disease prevention. Mr. Kurui has experience over 10 years in health and development work ,a consultant and advocate for Universal health,Human rights and good governance , inclusive and sustainable development,health outreach ,HIV/AIDS projects and empowerment activities. He is passionate about sound health and empowering communities to discover their own sustainable, innovative solutions to poverty by championing for social and economic justice for all.
Isaac Koech _aahred

Isaac koech

Program Director: Partnerships, Resource Mobilization & Capacity Building
Mr.Koech oversees capacity building of community stakeholders on program curriculum development , Course design development ,pilot testing, Manual development, training management and facilitation ,Organizational capacity assessment, Tool development, training systems assessment and installation and coordinate the development and management of institutional capacity building and partnership programs and works to promote community , youth and women’s rights empowerment.
He is AAHRED's fundraising strategist, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of systems and gender analysis officer bringing an empowering, and teamwork approach to people, project, systems, resource development and management.


Program Manager; Entrepreneurship Development & Gender Adviser
Miss Stellann tasks include promoting productivity and capacity for enabling environment for inclusive gender focused entrepreneurship, strengthening institutional and individual Capacity, Promoting tools supporting sustainable business and growth.
She works for an enabling environment for women and youth self-reliance in business by improving the capacity of business skills development, delivering environment friendly services to women and youth entrepreneurs thus Improving women entrepreneurs’ income generating capacity of small business through micro loans and environmentally sound technologies. Reducing energy risks in air, water and soil health


Regional Director for Development Policy; Policy Analyst, advocacy and Awareness
Onesmus Gichuru is a professional economist, developer and a non-profit professional with years of experience in institutional building, market systems development, trade and economic development policy research, formulation and implementation monitoring and analysis, and sector knowledge in various economic and business development interventions. As the Eastern Africa Regional Director, Onesmus is particularly entitled to coordinate all regional project planning and executing quality assurance interventions, organizational capacity enhancement, research, setting up training schemes for local enterprise development encompassing market systems development and participatory governance and resource management for poverty alleviation, institutional system development and facilitating partnerships’ building. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics and a MSc International Cooperation, Finance and Development.


Child Protection and Advocacy Officer
Risper Jepkemoi’s experiences spans years of experience working with communities to facilitate development of Children rights advocacy ensuring children are protected cared for and are participating in decisions affecting their lives through effective engagement with project partners for Improved and sustained wellbeing of children.
She coordinates technical capacity building training's for staff,partners and beneficiaries in accordance with developed capacity building plans/strategies, Organize learning forums involving local government,orphanages, CSOs, FBOs, NGOs and other relevant technical personnel. She manages advocacy campaigns and engagements to ensure policy implementation and change.


Regional Livelihoods Support Officer:
Francis Keya works with AAHRED to build the capacity of Agro-pastoralist/farmers and communities living in Arid and Semi-Arid lands of Kenya in preventing and mitigating the impact of threats to communities at risk by ensuring that necessary capacity is built for the target group/groups affected by poverty and ignorance.
He coordinates training activities of the staff and beneficiaries in the target communities/counties including publication of manuals and training materials towards poverty free living. He takes part in developing proposals.


Director of Communications, Marketing & Information Technology
David is experienced ICT professional,researcher supporting in implementing technologically sound strategic solutions covering computers, software, storage and audio-visual systems and establishes critical technology driven solutions.
He manages the development and implementation of Unified Communications and appropriate security systems that ensure Network, Systems and Data Security from internal and external security threats is protected.
He oversees ICT Training Needs and develops training plans ensuring capacity development plan for ICT Staff, continuing professional development and managing partnership ICT policies,procedures and making them understood by Management and staff.


Chief Finance Officer
In collaboration with senior leadership the chief Finance Officer develop and implement long term plans to ensure financial sustainability, putting in place strong financial strategy,measures of success, planning, monitoring mechanisms and processes in order to make cost effective gains, effective program models, integrated income and support Communities projects sustainability.
He oversees all budgeting and forecasting processes, Monitor performance against financial targets and budgets whilst managing any deviations, Financial Reporting and Analysis. He is tasked with Providing accurate monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports as well as forecasts to management and donors.
He provides guidance in all areas related to finance, accounting and Leadership.


Director of Sports and Human Rights
Mr.Kiplom works on Building capacity to advocate with local and international stakeholders on Transparency, Accountability , Universal Human Rights and Policy advocacy.He coordinates campaigns and Reports on advocacy activities monitoring and evaluation and propose any recommendations on possible adaptations for action.
He liaises with local community and partners working on the protection of human rights relevant to justice program priorities , prepare reports on programmatic and thematic topics and contribute to the development of the organization’s security plan, update it and abide by it.
He carries out advocacy and awareness activities and produce advocacy-oriented communication materials.


Director of Health Programs
Nelson Kipchumba is experienced health care professional ,a clinical doctor proposing development of disease prevention programs , Start Up implementation and close Out. He resolves health problems , develop solutions, analyze and support the uptake of existing tools and best practices.
He supports training, project management and Contributes to planning and analysis of AAHRED’S health programs.
He Facilitates analysis and dialogue to resolve immediate, complex problems in high-priority proposals and projects with an eye to developing tools/systems/frameworks to address recurring scenarios through awareness, sensitization and advocacy for Universal Health Coverage.
He monitors and supervises commodity usage/consumption and prepares timely submission of reports.


Merab Lichoti is experienced administrator working closely with the AAHRED team in their daily office needs ,managing the organization’s general administration activities for smooth systems and processes ; preparing account payables documents for approval and oversee proper upkeep and maintenance of office premises .
She makes sure that facilities provide the best possible physical environment for staff,support program managers /Officers organize logistics of meetings and workshops including travel arrangements and be responsible for functions associated with communications,equipment and transportation while managing the inventory assets and ensuring that the master database inventory is updated.

BRIAN kibet

Director of Health Research & Development
Brian Kibet is a professional, trained expert in public health and administration coordinating research, innovation, consultancy and extension opportunities.
He supports and coordinates dissemination of research products to guide policy advocacy and actions informing need for policies effective action and research.
He works out opportunities relevance and appropriateness of current and future programming in relation to water, sanitation hygiene and health promotion in the local context while mainstreaming gender and child rights , protection in program activities and assisting in the preparation of proposals, Preparing the activity plans, monitoring and evaluation,analyzing the baseline study data to determine the underlining needs of the beneficiaries and undertaking staff and volunteers capacity building in the use of mapping tools.

Boniface K. Boit

Program Officer
Education & Empowerment Initiative
Education is an essential means of empowerment and in promoting inclusivity with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to fully participate in the development process of any community. Sustainable development is only possible when women and men enjoy equal opportunities to reach their potential. AAHRED identifies opportunities and match them with the academic, athletic or the developmental skill requirement paving way to long term empowerment and development.