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Poverty , Water and food security

We believe that water, sanitation and hygiene help end extreme poverty . we can ensure the poorest and most vulnerable people are not left behind by re-looking at policy, practice and advocacy. 


We believe  if communities get empowered, they will be food secure for being able to acquire, in a dignified manner adequate supply of culturally and personally acceptable food at all times  through Sustainable Food System that maintain and enhance the quality of land, air and water for future generations, and provide for adequate livelihoods Healthy, Safe and nourishing foods that are free of pathogens and industrial chemicals.


We focus on  communities who  worry about having access to clean and affordable water for domestic supply,enough food to feed their families and having safe secure shelter in which to live which effects their day to day life, children are unhealthy due to a lack of nutritional foods and medical care and their parents have little or no resources to improve their living conditions.


We work with  communities to find solutions to the underlying causes of poverty in a way that leads them to become stronger and more self-sufficient. Our programs focus on integrated solutions to things like hunger, poverty and disease.We value conservation as a way out to reduce the effects of climate change on our planet.

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