1. Climate change, environment and energy

AAHRED aims at facilitating the formulation and development of innovative models and mechanisms of sustainable resource management. The organisation seek to advance community led innovations that are cost-effective, sustainable oriented, all-inclusive resource management models. The organisation therefore aims at building the capacity of community leaders, community based organisations, entrepreneurs, local government and other stakeholders in a bid to build awareness of climate change and environmental degradation, enhance existing models data responsive environmental responsibility, building partnerships with like-minded stakeholders, and building innovative models to enhance sustainable efforts are they local, national and regional level.

2. Enterprise development: market system development and trade facilitation

Africa has enough capacity evil harnessed instructed. AAHRED believes that the surest way of addressing poverty in Africa is through trade and development of marketing systems. The most vital area in the African economy is agriculture which employs the bulk of the African population directly or indirectly. Producers, off-takers, intermediaries and markets shall be well connected through efficient, reliable and trustable systems that ensure effective and efficient interchange of products, finances, and production resources. Secondly, there should be mechanisms to ensure ‘fairness’ in remuneration producers and improving the quality off their products to enhance market integrity. AAHRED is that the centre of facilitating the development of effective models and systems that would achieve help achieve this. The organisation does this by;

3. Youth empowerment and gender inclusion.

At the heart of the letter and spirit of sustainable development in Africa is the youth and women. The two cohorts form the bulk the African population but has traditionally being left out in development planning, development governance and implementation. The larger majority of this population continue to embark on retrogressive mechanisms of survival especially in the rural areas as governance systems do not enable them have control on resources. AAHRED takes cognizance off the limited capacity and know-how of this cohort on matters pertaining entrepreneurship and resource mobilization to safeguard their livelihood. The four areas that the organisation seeks to work with his cohorts include: training and capacity development, networking and partnership, advocacy,and entrepreneurial development

4. Health research and child protection

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