SED-TV Media Program Objectives:

  • Promoting transparency and accountability in government and all stakeholders
  • Advancing the legal status of economic and social rights of communities through research, litigation, dialogue, legal reforms and advocacy
  • Promoting, protecting and ensuring respect for economic and social rights for every individual with the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other similar instruments to which Kenya and MOST African countries are a party
  • Using the process of the rule of law to hold governments and their agents accountable for corruption
  • Providing legal advice and assistance, and seeking remedies for victims of violations of economic and social rights via pro bono services
  • Submitting amicus briefs in support of legal cases on corruption and economic and social rights as friend of the court
  • Seeking to provide information that may lead to the effective prosecution of anyone suspected to be involved in corruption
  • Educating the populations, especially the vulnerable including the poor, women, workers and children, on their economic and social rights Methodologies
  • Research, Publications and documentation
  • Monitoring & Advocacy
  • Litigation & Legal Services support
  • Media centre, SED-TV, social and economic development TV

Platform for Knowledge

AAHRED SED-TV Program focus is to spur social and economic potentials by promoting small and startup businesses, empower the poor, promote environmental health and utilize learning through partnership with the Media, civil society, academic institutions and government.

Our strategy is connecting people, Communicate Change and influence decisions towards good governance and development.


We make bridges between business, civil society and government. We stimulate debate, dissent and dialogue.

We build collective positions with communities and help it realize social and economic development


  • We tell the stories of change.
  • We track the transition.
  • We bust economic myths.
  • Influence: We champion the voice of the excluded. We challenge the status quo. We hold decision makers to account.

Key Themes:

  1. Governance and human rights
  2. Reforming financial systems to promote inclusive development and deter corruption
  3. Promoting green economy through climate adaptation and mitigation solutions
  4. Tackling inequality and poor economic development

The Great Conversation

We intend to develop long-term solutions with strong local buy-in; we must listen to those who face the brunt of the world’s poverty challenges by:

  • Championing small and informal businesses, community groups and entrepreneurs, and helping them to connect and share their experiences on green growth opportunities.
  • Leading the debate on the issues that matter the most to local and community groups: tackling inequality; creating jobs for young people; holding big companies to account.
  • Conducting research into the green policy opportunities – from trade and investment, to energy and infrastructure – that help the poorest.
  • Developing online and offline conversations on Kenya’s journey to a green economy looks like.

Our work is to promote transparency and accountability in the use of Country’s resources because every nation’s large natural resource base should be used to meet the basic needs of its population.

A corrupt-free society is central to the citizens’ enjoyment of human rights, including economic and social rights.

We are committed to increasing the legal protection for economic and social rights, and to securing respect for these rights through effective engagement at policy level and in implementation.

We are committed to community awareness of anti-corruption laws and policies, and securing the full implementation of these laws, encouraging reforms of anti-corruption laws and ratification of international human rights treaties, and international conventions against corruption.

In the absence of reliable data on socio-economic conditions of people, AAHRED’s Research; Publications program through SED TV focuses on analyzing laws, institutions and practices facilitating corruption and contributing to the violations of economic and social rights.

SED-TV Research

Research is vital for monitoring and advocacy and litigation efforts.

Our Monitoring Advocacy program combines the strategy of publicity; lobbying; grass-root mobilization and campaigns; to demand accountability from government with respect to economic and social rights violations and non-enforcement of anti-corruption laws and standards.

Our Litigation

Legal Services program seeks to challenge violation of economic and social rights before national, regional and international courts and institutions, and breach of anti-corruption obligations and commitments.

The program  seeks to contribute to developing jurisprudence in these fields.

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