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Our Vision

We envision Africa free from poverty and disease; where all individuals and communities can participate in and benefit from social and economic life


Our Mission

To harness potential of communities to help themselves, assume control of local development and improve their standard of living through poverty eradication, Prevention of diseases, and elimination of its causes.



1. Health and research
2. Education
3. Water and Sanitation
4. Sustainable Livelihoods, Capacity building and development
5. Governance and Human rights
6. Environmental conservation and Climate Change
7. Gender and Development
8. Advocacy and Civic Education

Our Call

We have committed to economic Development by concentrating on Water & Sanitation, health, Food security, Communicable also non communicable diseases by foremost aiming at prevention. Our maternal health projects including food and nutrition, Malaria control,access to life saving vaccines to reduce mortality through better nutrition, health education and environmental health. Our advocacy and actions towards universal health coverage ,Social Development where Fairness, social accountability, citizen engagement and good values, participatory governance, Human rights, Gender,
Leadership and good governance remain critical to realization of SDGs covered,
Our Economic empowerment concentrate on r Sustainable Agricultural solutions that promote food security, resilience to climate change by adaptation and on energy, we look at how energy is more affordable and enhance environmental conservation. AAHRED stand for better Leadership and good governance that promote access to improved and affordable Housing, inclusive Trade options and development through adequate education, inclusive and adequate engagement of people.

We always strive to tackle the root causes of poor health, not just the symptoms and these we will work
through strategic partnerships.

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