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Blockchain && Energy

The Energy Internet has become a hot topic for the integration of sustainable energies. However, as a result, there are numerous sustainable energy forms and participants, the system is extremely complex, and some key issues are difficult to overcome, such as the control and management of distributed sustainable energy forms. …

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Let us fight cancer in Africa

World Cancer Day is marked on every February 4 to increase awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, early detection and treatment. Every year, the day is marked with a different theme and the theme for 2019 is: ‘I am and I will’. The estimated number of deaths due …

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Hunger and malnutrition, Not the same thing

Worldwide, malnutrition contributes to almost half of the deaths in kids under 5, claiming the lives of over 3 million children per year. A child facing poverty may not be hungry, but she may be malnourished and not getting the vitamins and minerals she needs to thrive. Without enough food or the …

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