Water, Health and Capacity Development

Water and Sanitation Services are a foundation of Health and Human Rights

Africa Alliance for Health, Research, and Economic Development (AAHRED) is a non-governmental organization with a mission.
We work to enhance local capacity for information exchange, evidence-based advocacy in the fields of water, water and sanitation hygiene, public health, economics, and environmental health, as well as innovative, people-centered, community-responsive, effective, and accountable development.

Water, Food & Energy

To withstand current and future pressures, governments must ensure integrated and sustainable management of water, food, and energy to balance the needs of people, nature, and the economy.

Human Rights

Women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people, and other marginalized groups are frequently overlooked by, and sometimes face active discrimination from, those planning and governing water and sanitation improvements and services, as well as other service users.


Decision-making systems are underfunded. The vast majority of countries lack the financial resources necessary to carry out these plans. In recent years, official development assistance has increased slightly, but not nearly enough.




The health of human societies and natural environments is at risk as a result of the destruction of many ecosystems brought on by mismanagement and climate change. These ecosystems' ability to provide freshwater "services" is also being undermined.


AAHRED works on water projects such as borehole drilling, solar-powered water systems, shallow well digging, and dam construction, ensuring that the communities above have access to safe drinking water at all times, but especially during droughts. Additionally, the organization provides communities with consistent access to safe drinking water through gravity systems, water system rehabilitation, and the protection of natural spring intakes.
We direct community-based management of water facilities, household and community sanitation, and hygiene education for economic development efficient and sustainable water use. We scale up interventions in partnership with communities in the program's mentioned geographical areas.

SDG 6:
Clean Water and Sanitation for All

What We Do


AAHRED’s contribution to policy dialogues is critical in catalyzing current national, regional, and international discussions about water policies and sector strategies. Local and national leaders need to engage in policy dialogue to create enabling water management and development environment that benefits everyone.


Our commitment is to assist and support marginalized rural populations, especially women and children whose livelihoods and wellness are directly affected by a lack of access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, and hygiene. Women bear the burden of collecting water, often over long distances, for their families and communities.


We work with communities experiencing water stress as a result of climate change, growing populations, increasing industrialization, and the overconsumption and pollution of water resources. These people are experiencing an increasing number of negative economic and social consequences of a lack of water




    Members of AAHRED-Water include AAHRED agencies, programs, and other AAHRED bodies that deal with water-related issues, such as sanitation and natural disasters. They address the interconnectedness of water through AAHRED-Water and enhance system-wide coordination and coherence. The majority of the activities included in the AAHRED-Water Work Programme are carried out by Volunteers, Members and Partners.

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