Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development

For the well-being of Society through Social Economic Empowerment of communities


We envision Africa free from poverty and disease; where all individuals and communities can participate in and benefit from social and economic life


To harness potential of communities to help themselves, assume control of local development and improve their standard of living through poverty eradication, Prevention of diseases, and elimination of its causes.

AAHRED Approaches

We believe in advocacy for the implementation of National policies and other legislation’s
that can enhance the livelihoods of communities.


Innovation and Modelling

Networking and Partnership


Policy Research

Capacity Development

Institutional Building and Technical Support


We campaign for better health and economic well being of communities

We work through community training, education and outreach programs to sensitize communities, Opinion Leaders, women groups, youth groups, religious leaders, Assembly Members and Community based Organizations on health and development improvement and interventions.

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Program Areas

Africa Alliance for Health,Research and Economic Development (AAHRED) serves as a foundation towards realization of key sustainable development goals with focus on eradicating extreme poverty and disease

Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resource Management

AAHRED aims at facilitating the formulation and development of innovative models and mechanisms of sustainable resource management. The organisation seek to advance community led innovations that are cost-effective, sustainable oriented, all-inclusive resource management models.

Enterprise Development, Market System Development & Trade Facilitation

Africa has enough capacity evil harnessed instructed. AAHRED believes that the surest way of addressing poverty in Africa is through trade and development of marketing systems. The most vital area in the African economy is agriculture which employs the bulk

Youth Empowerment & Gender Inclusion

At the heart of the letter and spirit of sustainable development in Africa is the youth and women. The two cohorts form the bulk the African population but has traditionally being left out in development planning, development governance and implementation.

Research , Health,Economic Development & Human Rights

These include:
1. Community Health
2. Child Rights and Protection
3. Reproductive Health
4. Food, Water and Nutrition
5.Sports and human rights programme

Technology and Innovation

Through smart agriculture programmes we assume a Care System that meets the needs of Africa’s rural population. We will address and advocate for solutions and the delivery of basic services for the rising number of urban poor living in slums in our cities.

Research & Development

We carry out evidence based research with our partners, we help children, families, and community’s holistic empowerment for sustainable development through self reliance knowledge and actions propelling them out of extreme poverty, hunger and ill health

Programs, Projects, Research and Funding

1. Community Health 2. Human rights , Child Rights and Protection 3. Reproductive Health 4. Food, Water and Nutrition 5. Community engagement and public participation 6. Education 7. Environmental Health 8. Sports, Arts and Economic Empowerment


Educated and Healthy children will lead their communities out of poverty and build their future prosperity. We help build appropriate schools with conducive classrooms as well as promote technologies that will enable quality education programs to serve all age groups and needs so remote populations will be able to compete in the world economy


We do Capacity-building training to strengthen the abilities of CSOs as agents of development in rural communities to become active participants in defining and implementing poverty reduction and sustainable development strategies by conducting organizational development and proposal writing training for CSOs and fundraising to strengthen their Program actions



We work for a world where the poor and disadvantaged in rural areas, are enabled to exercise their human right to health and socio economic development, strengthen civil society within rural areas through our programs such as training courses, mentoring field trips and exposure programs.



Focus and Scope

AAHRED Journal is a peer-reviewed journal, that focuses on health and social economic development issues in the African continent starting with the horn of Africa. The journal editors seek high quality original articles on public health and economic related issues that identify obstacles to health and well being of people, reviews, comments and more.


Platform for Knowledge

AAHRED SED-TV Program focus is to spur social and economic potentials by promoting small and startup businesses, empower the poor, promote environmental health and utilize learning through partnership with the Media, civil society, academic institutions and government. Our strategy is connecting people, Communicate Change and influence decisions towards good governance and development.

Media Research

Research is vital for monitoring and advocacy and litigation efforts. Our Monitoring Advocacy program combines the strategy of publicity; lobbying; grass-root mobilization and campaigns; to demand accountability from government with respect to economic and social rights violations and non-enforcement of anti-corruption laws and standards.


We Appreciate What Our Team Does
Some of Our Team Members


Justine T.  Kurui

CEO & Founder
Onesmus Gichuru


Regional Director- Eastern Africa


Regional Livelihoods Support Officer
David Wafula


Regional Communications Officer

Community Grands Officer


Director of Health Programs


Regional Administrator


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