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For Social & Economic Wellbeing Of Communities

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Healthy communities

We work for a world where the poor and disadvantaged in rural areas, are enabled to exercise their human right to health and socio economic development, strengthen civil society within rural areas through our programs such as training courses, mentoring field trips and exposure programs.

Education & development

Educated and Healthy children will lead their communities out of poverty and build their future prosperity . We help build appropriate schools with conducive classrooms as well as promote technologies that will enable quality education programs to serve all age groups and needs so remote populations will be able to compete in the world economy

going beyond cities

We do Capacity-building training to strengthen the abilities of CSOs as agents of development in rural communities to become active participants in defining and implementing poverty reduction and sustainable development strategies by conducting organizational development and proposal writing training for CSOs and fundraising to strengthen their Program actions

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Hope 4 the Future

We empower small orphanages through programs improving self-sufficiency; vocational skills, agriculture and technologies, so as assume their rightful place in a Care System that meets the needs of Africa’s needy children, widows, disabled and elderly persons. We will address and advocate for solutions and the delivery of basic services for the rising number of urban poor living in slums in our cities.

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