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We envision Africa free from poverty and disease; where all individuals and communities can participate in and benefit from social and economic life.


Our Mission is to harness potential of communities to help themselves, assume control of their local development, improve their standard of living by eradicating extreme poverty and be able to prevent diseases

Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development (AAHRED) is impact driven independent non-governmental humanitarian organization employing volunteer action to empower local communities eradicate poverty, causes of poverty and diseases.
We work with communities, development partners and stakeholders, media and researchers to catalyze best-practices for human rights, good governance and anti-corruption to shape actions for poverty eradication and disease prevention through research, capacity building and modeling of impactful programs starting with important policy issues addressing all-inclusive socioeconomic development, universal health and well-being.

We tackle social and economic challenges from education, environmental health, Sustainable agriculture, water and sanitation, humanitarian relief, micro finance and social -economic rights by engaging local communities, civil society organizations, the private sector and government to prioritize the rural and vulnerable poor women, youth and children. We support self-reliance initiatives for the less fortunate and poor.
It is crucial that we shift community attitudes and practices towards children’s well-being and engage governments to provide services and change policies in favor of women’s economic rights, children protection and empowerment for sustainable change and in safeguarding children’s future and leaving no one behind.
We emphasize the right of all people not to be poor.

Enterprise Development:Scaling Solutions to Poverty Eradication

Policy makers globally are faced with competing solutions and ideas meant to come up with a cost-effective approach to alleviate poverty among the ultra-poor. Partnering with like-minded organizations, AAHRED has established Village Enterprise Programs that aim at building the capacity of village youth and women to scale up and diversify their livelihood.
For poverty eradication, utilizing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is the backbone of economic progress and the key in the path towards socially inclusive economic growth. SMEs generate opportunities across sectors and geographic areas, and employ broad and diverse segments of the labor force with huge multiplier effects benefiting employees, suppliers, and customers, as well as local governments and the overall community. However, SMEs face important barriers that limit their ability to grow and create jobs, such as limited access to finance, poor managerial skills, and lack of access to markets.
As a mechanism, AAHRED in partnership with a number of stakeholders and partners seek to scale-up effective enterprising solutions meant to facilitate establishment of small and medium enterprises, market systems development and strategic partnerships for business development.
We work to:
Provide households with enterprise training to build capacity and interest among the youth and women in agricultural, industrial and service sectors.
Partner with like-minded organizations and community initiatives to facilitate market systems development aimed at providing market information, market arrangements such as the establishment of cooperatives and farmer groups, and linking the 'Village Enterprises' weather high-end and value created markets.
Provide professional training on value addition of raw materials to create high value commodities and services yielding higher returns.
Triggering value-chain connectivity, improving on marketing strategies, connecting and providing innovative platforms to market commodities such as Agriswipe
Incentivizing corporate markets to develop and invest in rural retail networks in a bid to address persistent market failures.


We call for reduced environmental health risks related to harmful chemicals and waste through:
1. Identify possible linkages between environmental hazards and disease
2. Monitoring environmental hazards and related diseases
3. Promote actions enhancing air and water quality
4. Strengthen institutional partnership and capacity in pollution management
5. Implement health actions to prevent environment-related diseases
We believe in building capacities through trainings, hand held support and technical assistance in finance and distribution, business development, partnerships, Marketing, fostering women’s and youth leadership and influencing their local and national environment; starting with a small business, many of women and youth soon become social leaders in their communities as their self-esteem rise up.


We raise awareness on universal health coverage, advocate for appropriate action for social and economic Development where Fairness, social accountability, citizen engagement and good values, by emphasizing anticorruption approaches in procurement of healthcare system support.
Our health focus includes
1) Maternal and Child Survival
2) Improved nutrition
3) Vaccine Preventable diseases
4) Increased utilization of quality family planning
5) Safe water, sanitation and hygiene
6) Infectious diseases
7) Stronger and effective health systems
8) Health programs financing
9) Adequate human resources and development
10) Institutional capacity and infrastructure support

Good Governance and Public Accountability

Extreme Poverty, Inequality and Exclusion prevail among a billion people worldwide being a manifestation of unjust situations and that should cause outrage in a world in which the financial, technological and intellectual resources for poverty reduction are clearly available. Poverty is actually being voiceless, powerless and excluded from decision making as poor people and having no meaningful and effective political participation.
Poverty eradication and effective resource conflict management is the behests of leaderships’ goodwill to establish credible and reliable institutions meant to solve the people's issues on the principles of equality, equity and answerability. Those in power are expected to be answerable to the people they serve. Good governance exists where there are credible and trustworthy institutions that are built on the principles of transparency and accountability. Since accountability goes beyond the aspect of responsibility in delivering a particular service and mandate by the public institutions, AAHRED in partnership with other organizations focuses on policy assessments around public finance management (resource allocation and distribution), climate justice and community engagement in development planning.
Building Organizational capacities both technical and managerial competence benefiting organizations potential in their initiatives and promote citizen’s engagement and Participation that increase their human rights awareness responsibilities and entitlements.
Advocate for the inclusion of women and children and empower women to participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives at community and higher levels.
Building people’s development Capacity and training to enable grantees implement social accountability concepts and tools; focus on increasing the capacity of citizens, CSOs, policy-makers and service providers to respond to community and citizens’ needs and preferences.
Strengthening government's role in Promoting and creating all inclusive conditions for economic progress and social cohesion , sustainable growth, improving performance and monitoring
Empowering citizens demand for better quality public services and holding government policy-makers and service providers transparent, accountable and enhance open information systems for good corporate governance.

AAHRED Approaches

We work with poor rural communities to ensure they are not discriminated against for any reason and help them be more resilient to shocks and disasters such as drought and climate change calamities and making the most of opportunities, such as being self-reliant.

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Education & Empowerment

We work with communities to end education barriers that keep families in a cycle of poverty and engage in research that better improve the attainment of our overall objectives.
Educated and Healthy children will lead their communities out of poverty and build their future prosperity. We help build appropriate schools with conducive classrooms as well as promote technologies that will enable quality education programs to serve all age groups and needs so remote populations will be able to compete in the world economy

Rural Development

We do Capacity-building training to strengthen the abilities of CSOs as agents of development in rural communities to become active participants in defining and implementing poverty reduction and sustainable development strategies by conducting organizational development and proposal writing training for CSOs and fundraising to strengthen their Program actions

Agriculture & Food Security

We assist community to produce more food and increase their income while managing their natural resources and preserving the environment for future generations

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Access to Clean & Safe Water

We work with communities in sanitation and environmental build and maintain clean water systems sanitation latrines and educate people about good hygiene practice that reduce the risk of illness.

Sexual Reproductive Health - HIV/AIDS and STIs Prevention

We believe that all women, men, and young people should have equitable access to the information and services they need to realize their rights and attain the highest possible standard of sexual and reproductive health – free of discrimination, stigma, coercion, and violence making women, men, and young people our primary target.
SRH HIV/AIDS and STIs Prevention Program Promote community involvement for effectiveness of SRH though community awareness creation , Infectious Diseases prevention, management and treatment mainly HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and hepatitis B and in Increase awareness on family planning, deliveries, access to antenatal and post natal care , reduce maternal and newborn mortality and improve health outcomes by increasing the quality responsiveness and equity of health services by generates and building evidence through our programs, measures and impact.

Sports & Human Rights

We carry out advocacy for transparent governance structures strengthening public trust and belief systems creating ethical, moral and high value in decision-making processes that sustain integrity of sports and quality leadership practices and values that should be upheld by all in prevention of doping, punishment and protection against oppressive regulations.

AAHRED County Legal Aid Bureau

AAHRED CLAB Access to Justice Project primarily focuses on pro bono legal advice, awareness and representation for the poor and marginalized with key objectives:
1. To increase the number of lawyers involved in pro bono practice through training and engagement with land law practitioners in the marginalized counties.
2. To increase population’s knowledge of legal processes and how to address challenges presented in land dealings through legal awareness clinics.
3. To reduce the number of citizens lacking legal representation on land matters in various courts in selected marginalized counties.
4. To simplify the land laws into a language that can be understood by the targeted population.

Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resource Management

AAHRED aims at facilitating the formulation and development of innovative models and mechanisms of sustainable resource management. The organisation seek to advance community led innovations that are cost-effective, sustainable oriented, all-inclusive resource management models.

Market System Development & Trade Facilitation

Africa has enough capacity evil harnessed instructed. AAHRED believes that the surest way of addressing poverty in Africa is through trade and development of marketing systems. The most vital area in the African economy is agriculture which employs the bulk

Natural Resources and community engagement

We ask for adequate engagement of communities affected by the extractive industry sector over Environmental Social Impact Assessment-ESIA, tracking mobilization and utilization of domestic resources and accountability frameworks for public finance management with a focus on extractive industries and pursue community understanding on operations of Extractive Industries by CSOs and citizens in line of transparency and accountability in the mobilization and utilization of finances from extractive industries and involvement of CSOs and other stakeholders at local and national levels monitoring operations of extractive industries

Research for Development

We support, generation, and dissemination of evidence based research from combined perspectives of development, apply scientific innovative know-how to transform evidence-based data into programmatic actions and build understanding and demystifying of research in local communities and establish evidence-informed, environmentally sound and socially acceptable solutions.

Technology and Innovation

Through smart agriculture programmes we assume a Care System that meets the needs of Africa’s rural population. We will address and advocate for solutions and the delivery of basic services for the rising number of urban poor living in slums in our cities.

Advocacy and Outreach

Advocacy for Change

We pursue corrective measures on institutional lack of response to constitutional demands in addressing corruption and human rights violations and increase communities place on the road towards inclusive growth and prosperity. Our action cover Community Health outreach, Child Rights and Protection, universal Health, Food and Nutrition, Water ,Sports and human rights, energy, environmental health , air and water quality, soil health and good governance .

Environmental Health
Economic Development
Technology Transfer

Media & Research


Focus and Scope

AAHRED Journal is a peer-reviewed journal, that focuses on health and social economic development issues in the African continent starting with the horn of Africa. The journal editors seek high quality original articles on public health and economic related issues that identify obstacles to health and well being of people, reviews, comments and more.


Platform for Knowledge

AAHRED SED-TV Program focus is to spur social and economic potentials by promoting small and startup businesses, empower the poor, promote environmental health and utilize learning through partnership with the Media, civil society, academic institutions and government. Our strategy is connecting people, Communicate Change and influence decisions towards good governance and development.


Research is vital for monitoring and advocacy and litigation efforts. Our Monitoring Advocacy program combines the strategy of publicity; lobbying; grass-root mobilization and campaigns; to demand accountability from government with respect to economic and social rights violations and non-enforcement of anti-corruption laws and standards.

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