Sports for Water

The love for football and or sports, in general, is a powerful driver of positive behavior change and healthy habits, which have been widely recognized.
In sport, we address human rights to health, water, and development, promote inclusivity and equal participation. We challenge stereotypes, break down barriers in society, and drive progress on fundamental issues to enjoy human rights.
The availability of safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities in schools promote a healthier environment that improves learning.
The physical environment and cleanliness of a school and its WASH facilities reduced the number of water and sanitation-related diseases among children significantly. Students do not miss school due to water problems and diseases.
We train to provide high-quality sports-based programs that enhance water and health by working with partners such as ministries, schools, technical and vocational colleges, municipalities, universities, national sports associations, and local and international non-governmental organizations.