Empowerment of Women

Women are particularly vulnerable to poverty due to the ongoing gender discrimination and their general burden of caregiving responsibilities. To lessen women’s poverty, we look at providing basic domestic infrastructure such as electricity and running water at an economical cost and improving women’s opportunities to develop skills and livelihood independence.

Improving women’s economic circumstances through improved participation in economic activities will significantly impact their child’s situations and eradicate poverty. When women are empowered to exert control and collectivism, they become the major drivers of the subject to ongoing equal liberation and a significant factor for eliminating poverty for girls and women and their entire community.

We focus on women’s empowerment through training and better livelihood opportunities to improve the lives and livelihoods of their children by boosting their access to education, health care, governance, and rights.  Also, we can help them in our community-led programs and campaigns. We also develop women’s skills and capacity to improve their own and their children’s quality of life and the quality of life of their community.

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