Youth Empowerment

Children and adolescents growing up in underprivileged backgrounds should not have their futures dictated by their parent’s circumstances. To just this end, human resource development, especially the education and skill development of youth, will be vital in preventing poverty from becoming passed down the generations. For older children and young adults, training and education opportunities are critical and therefore we work to increase awareness by ensuring that they benefit from training and skills discovery. Moreover, it would ensure that young people attend school longer and obtain better support and learning that will allow their effective advantage of different economic benefits that the developmental state, throughout poverty strategy, manufacturing strategy, and other initiatives, will work to ensure youth are not impoverished.

Through our youth development initiative, students may receive aid with proper education needs, non-formal education opportunities, and income generation training. Non-formal access to education includes vocational training, traineeships, job search assistance, computer skills training, and enrichment camps and retreats. Income generation training encompasses business skills education, business startup equipment and materials, and microenterprise opportunities.

We collaborate with youth on education to health, human rights, gender equality, good governance, and economic growth. Bringing young people together to reawaken their skills and abilities, inspiring them to reach their full potential and channel their energy effectively.

Youth Training for Employment and self-reliance

We advocate for the complete abolition of child labor in its most despicable forms by incorporating children into formal schooling and informal technical and vocational education (TVET).

We mobilize young unemployed popular trust for decent jobs by providing microcredit loans and vocational skill development training. To accomplish this, we promote opportunities and space for young people in their community through the following:

  • Entrepreneurship and Self-Sufficiency Initiatives for Youth,
  • Engaging youth in volunteerism,
  • Providing avenues for young people to have their voices heard,
  • Youth summits at the national and regional levels are held,
  • Advocating for projects that prepare youth for the job market.
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