Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development

For social and economic wellbeing of communities

Capacity Building

Development & Empowerment

We strengthen civil society within rural areas and to assist them create community leadership, access training opportunities, training courses, mentoring field trips and exposure programs with  the common aim of alleviating rural poverty and  champion for human rights .

This is aimed at:

i) Raising the level of awareness of CSOs and their economic impact among civic and governmental leaders and key stakeholders and enhance their role and capacity to contribute to poverty reduction in rural and urban communities;

ii) Providing opportunities to access global knowledge and information (i.e. good practices, and lessons learned) on the role and activities of the community and in particular, CBOs and other locally-based entities in poverty alleviation programs.

iii) Coordinate advocacy efforts to increase the level of funding from state, major and national foundations, agencies community concerns in addressing poverty in marginalized areas.

iv) Support the development of capacity building resources for a community.

v) Align the efforts of capacity building lessons in order to maximize opportunities in knowledge exchange.

We work closely with local communities and key stakeholders to increase their capacity to monitor development in effort to hold both the private sector and government to account and promote effectiveness to facilitate a transparent, accountable, equitable and inclusive management of natural resources.

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