Capacity Strengthening

To strengthen the capacity of local communities, we promote equitable access to water for domestic use, sanitation, food security, and sustainable environments so that communities may have better hygiene, self-reliance, nutrition, and better agricultural outcomes.
We assist the community in understanding good Management and leadership skills that enhance and integrate ICT platforms developed to add value to agricultural produce with training on linking value chains to the rural water utilization 

Our capacity-building efforts aim to improve people’s production, processing, and utilization of resources and opportunities, access to household income, credit, and market, enhance businesses, vocational skills, and build communities’ assets.
We take into consideration active participation of all stakeholders, sustainability, appropriateness, macro-micro interaction, empowering communities, equality, and strategic intervention

Our technical capacities are relevant to the specific impact area or development challenge we seek to address, particularly water, Health, agriculture, and capital. Technical capacities may be related to delivering services to the most vulnerable children, managing an ecosystem, and developing self-reliance enterprises.

Our approach ensures that people earn a decent living and improve the effectiveness of civil society organizations. 

Our capacity-building approach goes beyond the conducting of training. It means equipping individuals and civil society organizations with the leadership and know-how to solve their problems and catalyze positive change where they live. We work to improve the capacity of civil society organizations and individuals in Kenya by:

  • Facilitating solutions that the people create we serve in the grassroots.
  • Pursuing partnerships that deepen our impact.
  • Impact through the correction of systems and structures.