Exchange Program

Community Practical Knowledge exchange program; Local and international

The program supports participants to develop leadership and advocacy skills while focusing on issues of gender, diversity, international development, social justice and human rights covering the following areas of focus

Health, Human Rights & Intervention

The goal of Human Rights Documentation and Advocacy is to document, influence and advocate for human rights and health law policies, plans, and best practices that impact and improve the social justice in health. Advocate and interventions helping promote access to medicines in areas of maternal health; vaccines, communicable and non-communicable disease, vector borne Malaria. Address substance and drug abuse, lung cancer, and human rights, peace and coexistence in Kenya.

Nutrition and Health

The project engage expertise and practices help prevent malnutrition, including demonstrating effective breast feeding, cultivating and preparing nutritious food, providing food as part of emergency relief efforts, and managing reward-for-work projects to help communities improve nutritional foods and promoting  mother child health. It assists community built knowledge/skills on producing more food and increase their income while managing natural resources and preserving the environment for future generations. Water, Sanitation and Environmental Health helps educate communities build and maintain clean water systems and latrines and educate people about good hygiene practice to reduce the risk of illness.

Capacity building of community

The Community Empowerment aims at building capacities and resources for poverty reduction and disease prevention by mobilizing communities right in institutions of learning and outreach points and working with existing community networks to create knowledge and awareness in order to bridge the gap between the society and authority (stakeholders) for improved realization of health, human rights and development. We strongly Support economic activities for self-reliance and development which include Enterprise development, financial literacy and management skills 

Research and Advocacy /Education

We develop our content based on our works priority focus for Information, Education and Communication. I.E.C/BCC

What’s it all about?

The exchange program aims at providing health care outreach and giving health professionals and development assistance individual’s cross-cultural learning opportunities in Kenya and Africa.

It entail  Farmer to farmer exchange, Livelihoods and advancement ,Training in organic farming , regenerative agriculture and climate change ,Skill development through trainings and sharing of best practices  , global youth network and support on outreach , training and education

This initiative encourages participants to:

Think critically about inequalities between women and men

  •   Discuss and explore social justice issues and interventions that are really important to communities’ well-being.
  • Learn and share skills and diversity in different cultures in order to promote social cohesion for peace and development eliminating extreme poverty.
  • Understand career options available in development, human rights and social justice based organizations.

The program coordinates the work of professionals promoting holistic community development.

All participants offer expertise in an area that meets a community need and is compatible with AAHRED goals and are willing to support the primary activity of delivering health care support, information and social economic development.

We always welcome inquiries from all individuals who are drawn to serve the community. If you are not a student or practitioner in health care, please include in your application a statement on how your expertise could be applied during a trip.

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