Since a tragic event of instant loss of nervous system break down and collapse of the founders lungs in the year 2003 as result of GuillainBarre syndrome, a rare but serious autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks healthy nerve cells in your peripheral nervous system (PNS). Leading to weakness, numbness, tingling, eventual cause paralysis and death.

The total paralysis and stare of death exposed him to the challenges of poverty in healthcare, diagnostics and lack of equipping of hospitals, Our hospitals mainly in 2003 ware in great shortage of facilities and ICU equipping that the referral hospital was referring him to the only National hospital for medical care because there was only one ventilator machine making him referred by the regional referral hospital to the only one National Hospital of the time over 400 kilometers away.

Being in ventilator for months helped the founder make cautious decision that if he shall live to do something, it will be to address poverty and diseases, he had wheel chair experience for one year and since then he was always captivated by the simple idea that living is for a reason and his death escape was gracious from God meant for reflection solidifying his sense and purpose to serve humanity as a servant for hope

That was where his AAHRED Journey of creating a futuristic organization that will transform lives of poor people in Africa begun while sick and paralyzed, “I prayed to be instrumental to the health and wellbeing of people no matter the cost. That was the moment I started to dream for an organization leadership with common ideals and passionate to support the needs of the destitute and vulnerable”.

AAHRED was founded in Kenya in the year 2016 supported entirely by volunteers, operate with minimal administrative overhead. We believe in the basic human right to live in a healthy environment and have access to affordable healthcare, education and opportunities for self-reliance. Our intention is to mobilize for human and capital resource capacity, to strengthen the healthcare sector and contribute to poverty reduction of the most impoverished population in Kenya and the rest of Africa.

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