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Children’s Rights

Our work on children is to improve the nutritional health of children under the age of five, thereby reducing mortality, anemia, micronutrient deficiency, low birth weight, and obesity. Stunting, wasting, anemia, obesity, underweight, and newborn mortality in children and adolescents.

To increase orphans’ and vulnerable children’s self-sufficiency and sustainability, advocate for more family and community-based child care options and better educational facilities, mentoring, and life skill building for young , vulnerable and children’s social groups, mainly in children’s homes and OVC initiatives.

Our advocacy is towards implementing international and national standards for all aspects of child care, policy and guidelines governing adherence in care facilities and homes. We train for professional management of residential facilities of care giving.

We also advocate for online safety, especially for children and young adults, while endorsing greater internet use for education, health, and empowerment.