Our Core Values

Leadership – We believe in mobilizing the wider Kenyan community to tackle the challenges facing the nation’s health and economic development

Professionalism – Our analyses, assessments, and ultimate policy positions are consistently without prejudice to any party in the nation’s health and development

Integrity – Our common interest in water and health determines the focus of our services and approaches, ensuring uprightness in all our transactions and interactions

Dedication – We believe in a better future for all people 

Independent – Independent judgment on matters of interest to the health and wellbeing of the beneficiaries

Selflessness – We eschew any quest for personal gains in the dealings of the organization

Innovativeness – We use our expertise and interest in public health to explore and provide opportunities for public policy formulation and implementation in Kenya and internationally. We take pride in our ability to provide input towards our mission in insightful and imaginative ways

Commitment – AAHRED and Partner organizations are committed to give priority to the poor and needy families in their communities in provision any support

Responsibility– Each member is profoundly dedicated to honor mutual commitments and to maintain the best image of the organization, knowing that the actions of one member impact the management and reputation of all the members