Research and Development

We conduct research, lobbying, and advocacy to introduce new perspectives on Africa’s development paradigms for alleviating poverty and encourage R&D, knowledge, and innovation as a means of advancing the development of new technologies and multi-commodity products that apply to a wide variety of farming and other agricultural operations in poverty action.

Sustainable development is a broad, complex field with many overlapping, interconnected issues. It can be hard to stay on top of where progress is being made, what new issues are emerging, and how current events are shifting us in new directions.

In the context of portfolio and project management, R&D encompasses the entire process of idea generation, research for new technologies and products, and mass-market product development. R&D projects, in contrast to product development projects, where development and manufacturing are based on specific customer requests, are typically much more risky and require significant capital investments.

The following are the key project and portfolio management topics in R&D:

  • Portfolio management and prioritization in relation to AAHRED objectives
  • Budget management and control for R&D
  • Risk administration
  • R&D program administration
  • Collaboration of normally dispersed teams
  • Requests for resources and commitments