Stellan’s primary focus is on environmental education, advocacy, and environmental inspections about nature, energy, and well-being. She advocates for environmental policies and regulations that promote health and transparency, public participation, accountability, and adherence to environmental laws in the extractive industry.

The program seeks to address violations of mining-affected communities’ environmental rights and seek the necessary education and justice solutions related to clean energy through more accountable and effective governance and increased corporate accountability.

She is committed to the advancement of human and environmental rights.

AAHRED’s work includes educating communities about the environment and their rights to an environment that is safe for their health and well-being, an environment protected for the benefit of current and future generations and raising awareness about energy, water, and biodiversity conservation.

The organization uses a neutral platform to promote investment in sustainable energy in Africa, such as enabling communities to escape poverty and providing light for education, business, and modern healthcare, by providing reliable power as the first step toward assisting poor people in escaping poverty.