What We Do

Our interventions fall under the following departments:

1. Health
2. Environmental health and Climate Change
3. Water, Agriculture & Food Security
4. Good Governance and Public Accountability
5. Advocacy and Outreach
6. Capacity Building & Economic Empowerment;
•Learning, education for all, training, Skills Development and wealth creation.
7. Research for Development, Technology Innovation and Transfer
• Conduct demand-driven implementation research on how best to scale-up proven interventions
• Share our research through peer-reviewed journals and non-academic platforms

AAHRED advocacy, human rights, Health, environment and outreach is geared towards inclusive development that will reduce inequalities and poverty, promote access to universal health and improve the right to social and economic development by the vulnerable and excluded poor in Kenya and Africa.

We support vulnerable children with physical, social and emotional sufferings and advocate for empowerment and development solutions enhancing Universal health and wellbeing of all people, promote human rights and empowerment of communities for self-reliance particularly the poor youth, women and the disabled by encouraging economic progress, social cohesion, sustainable growth, improving people’s health and wellbeing.


We advocate and support issues within community’s policy that promote equity and development balance, managing exploitation in the extractive sector in particular are oil, gas and mineral extraction focusing on environmental health, impacts on equity in development, social economic justice, peace and stability.

Orphaned and Vulnerable children

We develop live transforming programs addressing the plight of Orphaned and Vulnerable children in the street and care homes build dialogue on their issues and guiding the solution process to Health, shelter, food and education for them. Advocate and build understanding on increased cases of orphaned children and help resolve the mess in sustainable and viable manner together with all players.
Influencing Capacities are those skills that enable actors to alter the environment in which it operates. Examples include improved advocacy, negotiation and research skills. We adapt our capacity development framework methodologies for capacity development interventions, to cover Consultancy services and trainings deliver expert knowledge and best practices to our partners in;


Our partnership and volunteer support in Research and development is tailored to our priorities in health, food security and economic development. We seek collaborations to facilitate more concerted intervention together including facilitating the technical and financial contribution and making our programs more inclusive and impactful on health, social and economic wellbeing of communities.

1) Mentoring and coaching and knowledge management techniques support the embedding of new capacities in sustainable programs
2) Peer exchange activities allow partners to learn from successes and challenges of others
3) Learning
Continuous learning translated into programming as both a process and result of capacity development.

Want to make a difference?

We work towards advancing social and environmental justice by building understanding of people in respect to the rule of law and order.