About Us

Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development (AAHRED) is impact driven independent non-governmental organization employing volunteer action to empower local communities eradicate poverty, causes of poverty and diseases.

Our focus is for the poor and marginalized to attain effective rights-based development and health, and be able to comprehensively eliminate poverty and diseases.
Our work with communities, development partners, media, researchers and stakeholders is to catalyze best-practices for human rights, good governance and anti-corruption shaping actions for poverty eradication, disease prevention by modeling sustainable and impactful programs.
We tackle social and economic challenges from education, environmental health, Sustainable agriculture, water and sanitation, humanitarian relief, micro finance and social -economic rights by engaging local communities, civil society organizations, the private sector and government to prioritize the rural and vulnerable poor women, youth and children. 
We support self-reliance initiatives for the less fortunate and poor.
It is also our priority that community and government shift attitudes and practices towards rights of children and their well-being. We engage to provide services and make policies in favor of children protection, women’s economic rights and empowerment of the majority poor for sustainable development.
We provide training, capacity-building, research, advocacy and community outreach through community and government structures and work with all stakeholders in support of an empowered civil society, transparent and accountable public service.
We emphasize the right of all people to prosper.